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GET INVOLVED - Follow Procedure

One thing that will get you the needed Certificate of Recommendation and the Scholarship into Media Communication Training is your ability to pay attention to details, even, the tiny information that is hid between some lines.

By now, it should be obvious to you that we (truly) want you to succeed – if not, we would have just hid some pieces of information from you.

Your attendance at #LEC2018 is what guarantees your participation in the quest for our Certificate of Recommendation and our Scholarship Scheme.

Check out details on LEC2018 here.

Your attendance at #LEC2018 would be honoured, however, you could do more than just attending the conference this year.

Furthermore, for you to participate in the test(s), after the presentations at the conference, you need to know that you would use:

  1. Presentations at the conference.
  2. Current Affairs.
  3. Current Issues of our Hierarchy Magazine.
  4. Leadership Ethics (our eBook published on this conference).

Detailed information for participation in the tests can be found here.

It should be noted that only those who score 55 above (aggregate) from the tests for the Certificate of Recommendation would be given scholarship into our Media Communication Training.

It will be our joy for you to score 55 Above, because we would be glad to equip you with our Media Communication knowledge – free of charge.

After this training, you can start your own Media Outfit or deploy the knowledge acquired into your Paid Employment.

Below are the courses you would be offered:

  • Creative Writing.
  • Online Journalism.
  • Publication Development.
  • Media Regulating Laws.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Basic of Digital Marketing.
  • Introduction to News Gathering and Writing.
  • Introduction to Services Rendering.


You are guaranteed of best performances, increased productivities – after this training, but you must (first) attend #LEC2018 – register here, then apply for the contest.

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