2017 May 11 Leadership Ethics Conference, LEC, now repackaged

Leadership Ethics Conference, LEC, now repackaged

Leadership Ethics Conference, LEC, now repackaged

We are pleased to inform the general public that our annual Leadership Ethics Conference, LEC, is now taking a new dimension – to, effectively, achieve its purpose and contribute to societal needs.

LEC has, always, been holding around the months April, May or June – since the maiden edition in 2014, but from this year (onward) it will now hold in the month of November, yearly.

The aims, objectives and purposes of the conference remain the same: we are, however, finetuning them to fit into the present needs of the society.


What participants should look out for

There is going to be massive improvement in the organising pattern of LEC, and we will be giving scholarship to numerous participants (who excel in the tests/competitions for our Certificate of Recommendation) to attend our Media Communication Training, specifically, the Business Leverages System – which was developed to train people to become Media Services Business Owners.

As usual, the Certificate of Recommendation is to be used by beneficiaries in Job CVs during interview, by which OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT (as a juristic person) can be used as referee by Job Seekers. The certificate will, also, serve as an attestation to good conducts of beneficiaries.


Here are good news for stakeholders

Organisations now have the privilege to sponsor LEC with, as low as, N20, 000 (Twenty Thousand Naira) and still get massive publicity services from us.

There are, now, four categories of sponsorship, namely: Bronze (level 4), Silver (level 3), Gold (level 2) and Premium (level 1) – all with different charges that attract superior benefits (as the category level increases).

The venue for LEC, from this year forward, will also be one that will satisfy sponsors and attract high number of participants.


What we look forward to

We appeal to the general public to (massively) participate in this year and subsequent LEC editions to bring about Social Responsibility and the concern to reduce Social Vices in the youths and teenagers.

Aside from sponsorship, we will, also, be soliciting for financial donations from members of the public – a new site is, now, unveiled here, and you will be able to donate any amount that you can afford.

There should be great changes in the orientation of the young people who are the ‘present’ (as in, the now) of all nations.

Be prepared for the wave that is coming soon…

For more information, contact:

(+234) 07013289600; 08153745017

E-mail: enquiry@olemedge.com