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Having recognised that government and private sectors’ efforts (in nation building) alone are not enough for social stability (all over the world), and that efforts of the citizenry, especially youths, are also required – we established Leadership Ethics Conference, #LEC. #LEC, started since April 2014 (along which a book, Leadership Ethics, written by our CEO, Emmanuel Oladipo, was published) has recorded various degrees of success in terms of impacts in the lives of participants.

With this conference, we set out (in OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT) to inculcate Social Responsibility and the Concern to reduce Social Vices in the society via the attendees.

The target audiences are within the age of 16 years and above: this set of people are the ones qualified to partake in contest(s) for our Certificate of Recommendation and Scholarship into our Media Communication Training.

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Emmanuel Oladipo

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