Having recognised that government and private sectors’ efforts (in nation building) alone are not enough for social stability (all over the world), and that efforts of the citizenry, especially youths, are also required – we established Leadership Ethics Conference, #LEC.

#LEC, started since April 2014 (along which a book, Leadership Ethics, written by our CEO, Emmanuel Oladipo, was published) has recorded various degrees of success in terms of impacts in the lives of participants.

With this conference, we set out (in OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT) to inculcate Social Responsibility and the Concern to reduce Social Vices in the society via the attendees.

The target audiences are within the ages of 16 years and above: this set of people are the ones qualified to partake in contest(s) for our Certificate of Recommendation and Scholarship into our Media Communication Training.

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Objectives of the Conference

  1. To create the interest to always work towards the peace and unity of the country and the vicinity of participants – in the participants.
  2. To create the sense of social responsibility in the participants.
  3. To motivate participants on reducing social vices.
  4. To inculcate human communication (relationship) in the participants.
  5. To create the spirit of self-sacrifice (for the purpose of changing the society for good) in the participants.
  6. To enlighten participants on the power of integrity.
  7. To empower participants with Media Communication Skills for improved: social participation; governance monitoring & reporting; income generations (in employment or own business); and standard of living (through exposure to knowledge based resources).

Eligibility: Certificate of Recommendation

Before a participant qualifies for the certificate, s/he will have to contest for an entry in which – only the 1st-given number candidates to send in answers for the questions asked will pass to the next stage.

The 2nd stage and the 3rd stage until qualified candidates are picked – will be written/online test(s) based on the conference presentations, contents of our online magazine, current affairs and the book, (Leadership Ethics), published on the conference.

Hence, each participant is advised to be in possession of quality communication gadget that will aid the successful participation in the test(s).

Participants are advised to purchase a copy of the book here for just N50.

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Aims: Certificate of Recommendation

  1. To motivate participants on educational pursuit in order to use the certificate in job CVs.
  2. To encourage beneficiaries to live a life of integrity and accountability, knowing that any misrepresentation of the sponsor(s) and OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT amounts to withdrawal of the certificate, permanently.
  3. To support those who may be looking for jobs but need standard referee for their cover letters. Beneficiaries will be able to use OLEM EDGE GLOBAL CONCEPT – being a juristic person.
  4. To project the image of our sponsor(s) as supporting moral values.
  5. To work with our sponsor(s) without charges in getting qualified candidates for available positions among the beneficiaries of the Certificates of Recommendation.
  6. To enlighten participants on how to earn legal income – using the internet.


How to Gain Sponsorship into our Media Communication Training

Only the candidates who participate in the contest(s) for our Certificate of Recommendation are eligible to gain sponsorship into this training, where we will teach participants on the following courses:

  • Creative Writing.
  • Online Journalism.
  • Publication Development.
  • Media Regulating Laws.
  • Public Speaking.
  • Basic of Digital Marketing.
  • Introduction to News Gathering and Writing.
  • Introduction to Services Rendering.

Beneficiaries will have the same opportunities that their counterparts (who pay full prices for the training) have, including an opportunity to do 3-month Virtual IT with us, and become our partner after successfully completing the courses.

Participating in this conference gives anyone access to our absolutely free Media Communication training.

However, materials will be sold to sponsored students at N500 per course.

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Further Requirements from Beneficiaries of our Scholarship

  • Candidate must score 55 above in the overall tests for the Certificate of Recommendation.
  • Candidate must register for and participate in the Media Communication Training, during the February Edition of the following year, only.
  • Candidate must register on/before January 31, 2020.
  • Candidate will be required to participate in all available courses.
  • Candidate is advised to check specific registration details (on this scholarship programme) here, before taking any action.


Organisations, business individuals are called upon to give strength to this conference, annually, through sponsorship, which (in turn) grants sponsor(s) massive advertising/publicity packages from us, at relatively, low prices.

Please, click here for details.

We are, also, accepting donations from members of the public who wish to do that for us. Kindly click here to make your donations.

Thank you,

We look forward to receiving you at this year's edition,

The Team,